Mattress & Sofa cleaning service

Start at 950 THB

We live in your beds

1. Dust: 500 dust mites are found in a gram of dust
2. Old pillow: 10 percent of an old-pillow weight is from dust mites and their waste
3. Bed: 2 million dust mites are found in a bed
4. Atmosphere: We are breathing in the dust mite waste since it spreads in the atmosphere
Healthier environment for family

Remove Dirtiness, dust mite and its waste which embedded in bed and sofa

100% chemical free

With the best and safest dust mite-vacuuming innovation from Germany

Fresh air, better sleep

Reduce Allergic substances by 99%

Mattress Cleaning Process


Preparing equipment and clearing spaces


Cleaning bed and sofa with the equipment designed with a hammer rod which removes 12x dust and germs comparing to common equipment


We make sure that all germs are removed by double cleaning


Free transportation cost for areas within 1 km from BTS


5 coupons 4,750 THB

(950 Baht each)

* Service with 2 coupons a time


First piece 1,300 THB Second piece + 950 THB

* 1 piece for a bed or a sofa (not bigger than 3-seat)

Picture of dirt, dust mite and its waste from bed

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