Fresh & Clean curtain, ready to use within 2 hours.
No removal, no long wait, no bare windows for a couple days

3 Easy Steps for your clean curtain

Inspect your curtain

Check curtain type and size of your window frame

Line/ Call us

Send detail to us for price estimation & make an appointment

Fresh Curtain

HIHOME team will arrive to finish their job. Then enjoy your curtain cleaned.

When is the last time you clean your curtain?

Did you know…

Over time, curtains collect dust, bacteria and various allergens that can affect your health … and we usually overlook

Studies show that dust, insect, dead skin, pet dander and mold spores is major cause of allergen and asthma … and these thingsaccumulate in our curtains

Spreading of dust inside your room happened while you’re opening or closing your curtains … Each curtains are being shaked more that 2,000 times/ year

Curtain is one of the most popular hiding place when it’s come to hide and seek for the kids …How about your children?

HIHOME Innovative Curtain Washing Technique

New cleaning technology from German with specialize nozzle spray system for curtain cleaning enable to deep clean and extract stain from fabric. Our cleaning agent are also friendly with curtain fabric so we can clean them where they hang. No removal, no shrinkage and no more bare window for a couple days.

No Discolor
No Ripped
No Shrinkage
No Rust

HIHOME Curtain Cleaning Process

Equipment preparation & Pre vacuum

Carefully washing your curtain with our special equipment

Apply disinfectant spray for curtain which kills 99% of fungi, viruses and bacteria

Fresh & Clean curtain, ready to use within 2 hours.

Price List


180 THB / sq.m.

Bed / Sofa 3 seat

2,500 THB / piece

Carpet Start at

1,500 THB / piece

** Services price start at 3,000 THB / time **

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