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Maid team delivery
For office along BTS MRT ARL stations

Start at 699 BAHT

Reliable service with care to give customers more time.

Our Strength

Professional team

Our cleaners are professional-trained from the hotel standard.

On your own schedule

Select date & time you want whether you want a standard clean or big clean for your classy room.

Trustworthy Housekeeper

Our housekeepers have passed a background check and went through an intensive job interview process before start working.


With over 12 years of dedicated experience in condo cleaning, we have honed special expertise in catering to the unique requirements of condo spaces. Our tailored packages and meticulous cleaning details, crafted uniquely by our company, are designed to meet the specific needs of condo customers. Our long-standing relationships with customers who continue to trust us are a testament to our commitment to excellence.


HIHOME Cleaning has earned the trust of developers across various projects, securing contracts for pre-delivery cleaning of entire buildings. Trust us to run a quality team that ensures the cleanliness and excellence of each unit before project handovers.

“Now we can focus on what’s really matter in life”

Condo cleaning service along BTS MRT ARL stations.

Start at 699 baht

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How do I book HIHOME Cleaning Services?

Just simply call us at 092-4796289 or Line at HHcleaning for your appointment. You will be asked for a couple of questions about your home (Address, Size, etc), your desired service types, date & time, or other special requests (if you need).

2. How can I ensure that the cleaner will come on my appointment?

Before the clean day, our staff will call/ LINE to re-confirm the appointment. Or you can reach our customer support at 092-479-6289 for more information or confirmation.

3. Do I need to provide my own cleaning supplies?

HIHOME cleaners are equipped with all necessary equipment to clean your home. You don’t need to prepare anything (except water and electricity). But in case that you have any special preferences on cleaning products for you household, we recommend supplying your own product.

4. Will your cleaning supplies be eco friendly?

Our first priority is the safety and health concerned of our clients and cleaners, so we always use high quality and user friendly products. We try to avoid the chemical products as much as possible but it will depends on type of service you chose and also the surface of cleaning area.

5. What is included in a Standard Clean?

I. Bedroom II. Bathroom, III. Living room IV. Kitchen
Services we do not offer:

  1. Lifting items over 15 kg
  2. Dusting and vacuuming of surfaces outside of normal reach or outside windows
  3. Cleaning bacteria or any harmful chemical
  4. Cleaning pet messes and heavily soiled areas
  5. Deep stain removal

6. What else should I prepare prior to appointment? 

For ultimate protection and peace of mind, we recommend securing or removing any valuable or personal items prior to your appointment. (Please be advised that our insurance policy does not cover theft or missing items

7. Do you service my area?

Now our service area covered residence nearby BTS MRT and Airport Link Station (within walking distance) you can simply check our service area or just reach us at number 092-4796289 or line so our staff can check it for you.

1. Can I trust my cleaners?

All cleaners in HIHOME platform go through background checking and screening processes before joining our community. We also evaluated our cleaners on and ongoing basis to ensure safety and a consistently high quality performance for every clean.

Moreover, every cleaners in HIHOME platform will be regularly trained for cleaning skills and professionality in order to reach our standard.

We also provide our Quality Checking team & Effective customer feedback system to fulfill your pleasant experienced with our services. So please be assured, you’re in good hands!

2. What happens if something goes wrong during my appointment?

Your satisfaction and safety is our highest priority, and we’ve set strict standards to deliver on this commitment. We do understand that accidents can happen, and in the rare and unlikely event of an incident, you can reach us at number 092-4796289, our client support team is here to support you.

For ultimate protection and peace of mind, we recommend securing or removing any valuable or personal items prior to your appointment. (Please be advised that our policy does not cover theft or missing items)

3. What is your 100% satisfaction guarantee policy?

Our mission is to make our clients happy!  If you are not completely satisfied with your cleaning, please Contact Us within 24 hours of your service and we will re-clean for free.

4. Compensation for Damages:

We provide compensation for any damages that occur to the customer’s materials. The compensation is based on the actual value of the damage but not exceeding 1 time the service cost for that particular clean. The company reserves the right not to take responsibility in cases where the damage to materials, belongings, or furniture is caused by the natural wear and tear of the materials themselves or the original condition, or if it arises from the customer requesting the use of equipment or procedures that deviate from the company’s normal standards.

5. Customer Inspection and Property Confirmation:

Once the customer has signed off on the inspection and acceptance of the delivered service, confirming that the property and its contents are in good condition within the designated area, the company cannot be held responsible for any subsequent claims for adjustments or compensation for damages. This applies to all cases, regardless of circumstances.

1. How do I pay HIHOME cleaning services?

You can process payment through online bank transfer, or cash with HIHOME maids.

Kasikorn Bank Account” (saving account)

Acc. Number 738-2-81731-6

Acc. Name: Whitewhale Service

Other payment channels will be coming soon!

2. How can I get cleaning voucher from sharing HIHOME to friends?

You can earn a cleaning voucher by inviting your friends to HIHOME. You will receive credit when your friends complete their first cleaning (please let your friends tell our staff for your referring). Your friend will also receive a discount off their first cleaning.

3. How do I tip the cleaners?

Tipping is not required, and completely optional. If you choose to tip, 100% goes to the cleaners. You may choose to provide a cash tip on site during your appointment, or you can add a tip with the service fee you transfer to us (in case of transfer, please don’t forget to mention it with our staff on confirmation process).

4. Do I need to book your service in advance?

You can book our service whenever you feel like having your room tidy and clean, however if you want to appoint for specific date or time, we recommend you to book 2-3 day in advance.

1. How do I request for recurring cleaning?

We have prepared the Cleaning Packages for your alternatives. Please state you demand during the appointment processes, and we will offer the right package for you.

2. What should I do if my cleaners doesn’t show up?

At HIHOME, we value punctual and reliable service. On the rare occasion that your cleaner is running late, please contact our client service at number 092-4796289 and allow up to 30 minutes for us to resolving the problem.

(This 30 minute grace period is also extended to our customers, as we know you may also have unforeseeable delays from time to time.)

3. Can I request the same cleaner every time?

We wish to send you the same cleaner that you like, however there might be some time that we couldn’t supply you the same cleaner due to many circumstances. Please be assure that every cleaners in HIHOME platform went through the same checking & training process and were held to the same standard

4. How can I ban a cleaner?

We are sorry to hear if the cleaner is not a good fit for your home. We will take your comment seriously and use it to improve our service. If you feel uncomfortable with certain cleaners, please let us know so that we will record it to our system and that cleaner will no longer be assigned to your future appointments

5. How can I make a comment or suggestion about the service?

We would love to hearing from you. Please leave your reviews, comments, or suggestions for your cleaning experiences to following channels:

  1. Call to our client service at 092-479-6289
  2. Line us at Line ID: HHCleaning
  3. E-mail to us at:

Our client service will give you support/ find solution and get back to you as soon as possible

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With over 12 years of dedicated service, HIHOME is the trusted choice for quality condo cleaning.

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