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Anti-virus spraying service

Prevents and reduces chances of getting the disease

By thoroughly spraying the disinfectant to the desired area to eliminate the viruses and bacteria both in the air and on surfaces. Especially those surfaces touched by people, for example tables, chairs, door knobs etc.

The disinfectant used is up to standard, made for the safety of your homes, children and pets. It abrogates Corona virus (COVID 19), SARS and other viruses in the air such as Bird flu Influenza A, B (H5N1), Influenza (H1N1), Hand, foot and mouth disease with the compound of

Hydrogen Peroxide
Benzalkonium Chloride
Let us help in elimiating and restraining the spread of the viruses with our crew trained and fully equipped specifically for this job.

Our distinctive points

Our disinfectant is imported from the US

Our disinfectant is imported from the US, approved and suggested by the ACC (The American Chemistry Council) It eliminates Corona virus and its disease (COVID 19) in the air and on the surfaces within 10 minutes.

ULV electronic atomiser technology from England

We opt the ULV electronic atomiser technology from England which sprays the disinfectant of 5 microns to the area.This particle size is suitable for spraying in various spaces such as planes, cargo ships, cars, including factories, hospitals, buildings and homes.

Our spraying service fits for large spaces

Our spraying service fits for large spaces such as factories, hospitals, hotels, schools, canteens, shopping malls, warehouses and fresh markets.

Good for small spaces

Good for small spaces such as offices, restaurants, pubs, bars, homes, condominiums, coach buses and cars.

Appropriates for specialised spaces

Appropriates for specialised spaces such as food factories, industrial food production lines, and etc. (our food-grade disinfectant for high-end food industry)

The disinfectant is safe

The disinfectant is safe for your homes, infants and pets.


The period of effectiveness of the service depends upon

  • amount of people coming in and out of the area
  • exterior air coming into the sprayed area; opening doors, windows and other means that allow the flow of exterior air into the area

May we suggest that screening of people coming into the sprayed area to minimize bacteria and viruses,cleaning surfaces with alcohol regularly, washing hands habitually and applying disinfecting spray to the area from time to time, at least once or twice a month.

Starting service price (according to space size)


(area less than 100 sq.m.)
฿ 1,900
  • For Condominium Shop


(area less than 250 sq.m.)
฿ 3,400
  • For Home Office


(area from 1,000 – 10,000 sq.m. and above)
Special Price
(contact us for more info)
  • For Factory, Warehouse Industrial Estate,Shopping mall

*For spaces other than mentioned please contact us for more info

Request a quote or consultation

Big Cleaning and Disinfection (for office and store)

Package 3 in 1: disinfectant spray + surface cleaning with antiseptic + ozone fumigation

Recommended for customers and staff reassurance or before reopening for service

  • disinfectant spray + surface cleaning with antiseptic + ozone fumigation
  • Anti-virus disinfectant certified by The American Chemistry Council (ACC) that it eliminates corona virus (COVID 19) on the surface and in the air within 10 minutes
  • The electronic atomizer produces particles at only 5 microns
  • ActivePure Ozone Fuming Machine from the USA used in NASA
  • Big cleaning with antiseptic to clean tools and equipment in the office, for example desks, tables, chairs, shelves, fridges, microwaves, doorknobs, door locks, kitchen, restrooms, and etc. as well as vacuuming and cleaning floors. However cleaning of personal belongings, such as notebooks, pens, laptops, document, and etc. is NOT INCLUDED.
  • ONLY for office and shops. Homes and residences NOT INCLUDED in the promotion.

Special price

15,000 12,900 บาท/ ครั้ง (1 – 300 sq.m)

25,000 19,900 บาท/ ครั้ง (301 – 500 sq.m.)

Special service

Anti-virus spray for small factories or partial area

The disinfectant certified from the ACC (The American Chemistry Council)

  • safe for human, products and machines
  • No residue
  • Food grade and Non food grade
  • Site estimation FREE of charge

Starting price at 6,500 THB

(For area less than 500 sq.m.)

Our trusted customers



Photos of our Anti-virus (COVID 19) spraying service: homes, condominium and offices

Photos of our Anti-virus (COVID 19) spraying service: medical clinics, restaurants, pubs and bars

Photos of our Anti-virus (COVID 19) spraying service: head office building

Photos of our Anti-virus (COVID 19) spraying service: industrial factory and industrial estate

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