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Curtains are like air filters. They gather dust, pollen, germs, dander, pet fur and mould spores from the air that flows between windows and the interior of the home. Which can lead to serious health problems.

When was the last time
your curtains were washed


We provide on-site curtain
washing service, utilizing cutting edge
technology from Germany

Advanced Curtain Washing Technology by HIHOME

Our specialized curtain washing system ensures that your curtains retain their vibrant colors with refreshing scent.

Our nozzle, equipped with a dual-action mechanism, sprays the laundry solution and simultaneously extracts stains. This high-speed washing process not only accelerates cleaning but also prevents the fabric from soaking, fading, or shrinking. Experience the convenience of swift curtain cleaning without the need for prolonged waiting periods; your freshly washed curtains are ready in no time

Over 90% of clients who utilize our Onsite Curtain
Washing Service express satisfaction and
enthusiastically refer us to their friends.

Cutting-edge curtain washing technology from Germany.

Ultimate convenience with HIHOME onsite curtain cleaning service

No need to go through the hassle of removing your curtains – simply contact us at Line OA: @hhcleaning

We meticulously choose cleaning methods that guarantee cleanliness

Our approach involves using pure water combined with our specialized cleaning solution to eliminate all dust and germs and generate a pleasant smell.

Ready for use in just 2 hours.

HIHOME leverages advanced technology for swift, efficient, and gentle cleaning. Our process ensures quick washing and drying without soaking the fabric. Experience a gentle handwash that preventing shrinkage and breakage. Say goodbye to waiting with our rust-free, rapid service.

HIHOME: The Preferred Choice for Corporate Curtain cleaning.

With a track record of delivering excellence, we have proudly served over 10,000 sets of curtains for both corporate and residential clients.

Click for viewing our corporate customers.

"Unwavering Service Quality, Endorsed by Real Customers.

Cleverthai has ranked us 1st for the best curtain cleaning along with the top-rated testimonials from our diverse client. Discover what customers say about our quality.

Genuine Water Washing.

Unlike others, HIHOME ensures a thorough curtain wash with pure water as our dedicated curtain detergent ensures a deep, lasting clean that penetrates the fabric, leaving your curtains genuinely fresh and spotless

Pioneers in Curtain Washing Excellence

HIHOME proudly holds the title of the first curtain wash service in Thailand. With over 5 years of expertise, we have been consistently delivering on-site curtain washing services, setting the standard for excellence in the industry.

Ensuring Your Happiness

Our commitment to your satisfaction is unwavering. If by any chance our service falls short, we offer a guarantee to address any missed areas promptly and efficiently—at absolutely no additional cost to you!


Fresh & Clean curtain, ready to use
within 2 hours. No removal, no long wait,
no bare windows for a couple days

Clean Curtains, Pure Air, Easy Breathing. Banish all airborne dust from your space.

For further details and personalized advice, feel free to reach out. We are delighted to assist. Contact us at

Trustable Curtain Cleaning Services Agency

Count on us, your reliable choice for business curtain cleaning. Our onsite curtain washing service ensures a genuine cleanse, reaching deep into the fabric fibers. Contact our quality team today to elevate the cleanliness of your business space

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