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When do you need to do the big clean?

After Construction or Renovation

Explore HIHOME’s tailored post-construction cleaning services for newly constructed or recently renovated, decorated, or expanded homes. Our skilled team, armed with the right tools, guarantees an immaculate cleaning, making your home move-in ready instantly.

Annual Cleaning

For homes under regular occupancy, routine cleaning by housekeepers or residents may not ensure thorough cleanliness in every corner.

We suggest a comprehensive major cleanup every 3–6 months. Our team of home cleaning experts at HIHOME specializes in big cleaning to restore overall cleanliness, brightness, and hygiene.

Before Moving In or Out

Whether you’re moving into a new home or preparing to vacate a property, HIHOME assists in coordinating cleaning plans aligned with your schedule, ensuring a seamless and high-quality transition. We focus on restoring rooms to optimal conditions for your move-in or move-out experience.

Our Big Cleaning Details for House


Dusting, vacuuming.

Clean furniture’s surface.

Wipe the interior glass (reachable area).

Replace trash bags.


Clean toilet bowl.

Clean floor drain.

Clean faucet.

Wipe the bathroom mirror.

Clean the cupboard.

Replace trash bags.


Dusting, vacuuming.

Clean furniture’s surface.

Wipe the interior glass (reachable area).

Make the bed

Replace trash bags.


Dusting, vacuuming.

Clean the kitchen countertop.

Clean the sink, wash dishes.

Wipe the bathroom mirror.

Clean the stove/ microwave.

Extra charge for additional services


Transform your living space with a comprehensive Big Clean.

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Service fee

Empty house


Start at

50 THB/ sq.m.

House with furniture

Start at

60 THB/ sq.m.

House with furniture
(Lot of stuff)

Start at

65 THB/ sq.m.

After renovation,

Start at

70 THB/ sq.m.

**Note: The listed prices serve as initial pricing guidelines only. Please get in touch with our team to schedule an on-site assessment for a customized quote prior to availing our services.
– For usable areas up to 150 sq.m., the starting price is 7,500 baht.
– Additional charges of 5-10 baht per square meter may apply for extensive glass wiping requirements.**


Dealing with Stubborn Floor Stains?

Sure! Customers with specific stain concerns can enhance their communication by sending photos and details to our customer care team on the day of booking. This enables our staff to prepare the necessary equipment tailored to address and effectively clean the identified stains.

Can you clean both the exterior and inside the house?

Our offered price primarily encompasses the interior living spaces of your home. However, it does not include outdoor areas or high-altitude glass wiping (over 2.7 meters) or hazardous zones where safe accessibility is challenging. If you wish to extend the cleaning service to include the areas around your house, please inform our customer care team (Call Center) for further details and evaluation.

Is your service available in upcountry areas?

As of now, our house and condo cleaning services are exclusively available in Bangkok and its surrounding areas. For information regarding service availability in other regions, kindly reach out to our call center team for further assistance.

What is the Big Clean Service?

Big Clean is an all-encompassing major cleaning service designed for:

  1. Houses recently refurbished or expanded.
  2. Move-in and move-out cleaning.
  3. Closed houses requiring big cleaning after an extended period.
  4. General cleaning for homes that need thorough attention in every nook and cranny (recommended every 3-4 months for this model).
How long does it take for a big cleaning?

The duration of a Big Clean will vary based on the size and specific conditions of the living space. Customers can expedite the evaluation process by providing the size of the living space in square meters and sharing pictures of the current condition with our team, facilitating an initial assessment.

Will all the stubborn stains come out after using Big Clean?

While Big Clean cleaning is primarily dedicated to thorough surface dust removal, it is effective in improving the condition of stubborn stains, discolorations, or wrinkles caused by usage. However, achieving a completely new condition may vary based on the type and duration of the stain. While significant improvement is expected, complete restoration may not be guaranteed.

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